TINY EDC knife


Knife designer and manufacturer Yassin Sherbal has created a new small EDC knife, aptly named TINY. Available with a selection of different blades, the EDC knife was launched via Kickstarter. Upfront commitments are now available at special prices for the inventive project starting at around $ 99 or £ 72 (depending on current exchange rates) . If the Tiny campaign successfully increases its required engagement goal and the project is running smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around May 2021. To learn more about the Tiny EDC knife project check out the promotional video below.

“It is interesting to know that the designer of this product is a young father, but no one paid attention to this until, after analyzing the insights of several users, the marketing team discovered that the product is liked by dads and they understand. more clearly its advantages and purpose, as well as people planning a trip (it is worth considering that the compact friction knife is legal in any country). “

Types of Mini Slicer, Mini Machete and Mini Sword Blades – these three shapes are the most popular legends in the world. All are in any one, even a small collection, and this project has combined them in one knife, without losing compactness and style.

“I thought about the Tiny concept two years ago, during this time my wife and I were not getting along, marriage was up for discussion and our little daughter would be the first victim. Then I had to move, these were the most difficult days and I expressed myself in the business I love and dreamed of, creating a whole world in my head, a world of love. Now everything is going well, we are a family, everything is fine. But that’s how this tiny knife design came about – after all, mentally then “

“The concept of ‘my favorite knife’ has been rethought. And this is the first friction knife with the ability to choose the shape of the blade for today’s activities. The quick blade change is damaged. “

EDC Tiny is a collection of the best friction models ever. This is the result of the personal experience and 7 insights of other great men:

– Dad travelers!
– Configuration and style of the knife you have chosen
– Develop skills (customization)
– The stability of the mechanism is above all
– 100% non-mass market
– The best pocket knives in the world
– Homo romance

For a full list of all available campaign engagements, stretch goals, extra media, and detailed specifications for the EDC knife, head over to the official Tiny crowdfunding campaign page by checking the link below.

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