One of Braun’s first digital alarm clocks is back with wireless charging

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Millions of words have been dedicated to Dieter Rams’ iconic hardware designs, but nothing testifies to the relevance of his creations like a 45-year-old digital alarm clock coming resurrected and updated for give to your smartphone a functional and elegant place to rest and recharge during the night .

There Braun DN40 it wasn’t the first digital alarm clock, but it was probably the first that didn’t feel like a technological relic by today’s standards. Its sleek and simple design, a hallmark of Braun products, tilts the LCD back slightly, while the buttons on the back used to set the time and alarm all have distinct shapes so they can be operated without having to look at them. Features that should have been standardized on all bedside alarm clocks.

For some time, the smartphones have made bedside alarm clocks an antiquated and redundant concept, freeing up space on our bedside tables. But then came the “convenience” of wireless charging and once again we had to make room for a large piece of electronics to get our phones on at night. IS here that the Braun BC21 comes into play.

Inspired by the classic DN40, the BC21 features a similarly angled LCD display on the front (upgraded with a light sensor that automatically dims or illuminates bright digits so they’re always easy on the eye), a beep that gradually increase the volume the longer you ignore it and a Touch-sensitive snooze button on top that requires minimal effort to activate.

Behind the display is a 10-watt Qi-compatible wireless charging mat coated with non-slip silicone so that whatever you place on it before going to bed, whether it’s a smartphone, earphones or headphones, is still there and fully charged in the morning no matter how many things you drop during a restless night of sleep. The only downside to Dieter Ram’s legacy is that not only are classic Braun electronics hard to find and expensive when you do, but modern Braun electronics aren’t exactly cheap either, and the BC21 costs $ 130, even more. expensive of the Apple too expensive MagSafe Duo charger.