Ovicx WEKEEP intelligent exercise bike with personal trainer


If you are looking for an affordable smart fitness bike complete with personal trainers to help support you and inspire you to stay fit, you may be interested in the new WEKEEP Ovicx intelligent exercise bike , now available through Indiegogo.
The smart bike is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and comes with its complementary application, your tablet is held in place between the handlebars during workouts, providing you with personalized workout routines according to your schedule. The exercise bike includes an adjustable magnetic resistance, and the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign includes a 12-month subscription to the annual subscription that saves you and an additional $ 240.

Upfront commitments are now available for the new project starting at around $ 349 or £ 251 (depending on current exchange rates) , offering a sizable discount of around 50% off the recommended retail price, while Indiegogo’s collective financing is underway. If the Ovicx WEKEEP campaign successfully increases its required commitment target and the project goes smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around May 2021. To learn more about the Ovicx WEKEEP fitness bike project, review the video promotional below.

“Motivate yourself and never get bored again with Ovicx WEKEEP! Train at home with the unrivaled stationary bike and take on a new training challenge at any time. Get ready to ride LIVE with our WEKEEP community supporting and inspiring and motivating each other to climb the leaderboard. “


“The WEKEEP fitness bike turns into a smart bike in seconds. Download the RebornFit app on any iOS or Android device. Simply connect the bike to a power source and activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. Then connect the bike to our RebornFit app. Featuring four different adjustable intensity classes, all your activities and training data are automatically logged. What’s more? We will frequently update new classes in the system so that you never have to experience a boring fitness routine again. At this tempting price, we perform better than all other exercise bikes. It is an affordable investment for you and your family ”.

“The bike will come with an activation code to unlock the 1 year free trial of the RebornFit App. You can access ALL live and recorded classes, including horseback riding, running, cardio and yoga ”.

For a full list of all available engagement options, stretch goals, extra media and fitness bike specs, head to the official Ovicx WEKEEP crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

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