Thinking Egg II reminds you to slow down


If you’re looking for a little reminder to slow down, you might be interested in a new campaign Kickstarter for Thinking Egg II. Specifically designed to help you find your true balance. Measuring 17mm wide and 23.38mm high, the Thinking Egg has been ergonomically designed to feel great in your hands while being extremely portable and is available in four natural materials that offer different specific properties.

Quartz crystal for energy, Tiger’s eye for courage, sandstone for clarity and finally Damascus steel for refinement. “We encourage clients to choose the Thinking Egg (s) they can relate to the most based on their specific metaphysical qualities.” Tell the development and Orijin Design team based in Vancouver Canada and responsible for creating the unique Thinking Egg.

The advance commitments of supporters are now available for single project starting at around $ 13 or £ 10 (depending on current exchange rates) . If the Thinking Egg campaign successfully achieves its required engagement goal and the project is running smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around September 2021. To learn more about the Thinking Egg Meditation and Targeted Aid Project see the promotional video below.


“We have found that many people, including ourselves, wear ours overstimulation as a badge of honor; The more we do, the better. We want to get away from that socially constructed mentality and we wanted to create a tool that would help us remember to slow things down, be more aware, present and, in general, more aware in our daily lives. “

“For centuries and in different cultures around the world, the egg has symbolized life, wealth and promise. Our goal was to use natural materials that can work in harmony with simple yet eye-catching symbolism and design ”.


For a complete list of all available campaign engagements, extended goals, extra media, and other features for meditation and focus aid, head over to the official Thinking Egg Collective Funding Campaign page by checking the link below.

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