Kaffelogic Nano 7e roaster hits Kickstarter


Advance commitments are now available for the new project starting at around $ 909 or £ 673 (depending on current exchange rates) . If the Kaffelogic Nano 7e campaign successfully achieves the required commitment target and production is running smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around June 2021. Learn more about the coffee roasting project Kaffelogic Nano 7e, review the promotional video below.


“When other manufacturers simplify a roasting system to make it viable for home users, they lose the flexibility and precision that make roasted coffee truly extraordinary. In contrast, the Nano 7 was designed to make commercial-quality roasting as easy as the push of a button, while preserving the flexibility and precision that make the professional roaster swoon. “

“By reimagining the design of a countertop roaster we were able to offer some really impressive features. With a unique roast control system that looks ahead and schedules the power needed, combined with programmable adjustments that can be integrated into the roast profile file by the roast designer, you can now bring professional quality roasting to your kitchen at a fraction of the price. Read on for the full story or click “Support this project” if you’ve seen enough already. He is not crazy. It’s just good coffee. “


“You can taste the difference when the roast is perfect: the flavor almost jumps out of the grain. There are thousands of chemicals that contribute to the coffee experience, most of them created during roasting and many of them are delicate long-chain molecules. Just as opening the oven door at the wrong time will cause the meringues to collapse, variations in the heating of the beans during roasting can stop the formation of those flavor molecules. If you do it right, the magic begins to occur. “

– Unique and innovative speed-based PID control system offers superior curve following compared to conventional PID systems
– Control zones allow the master roaster to program specific adjustments at the precise times they would make manual adjustments
– Micro control of air speed and heater power allows for the perfect balance of airflow and temperature to achieve maximum flavor development without excessive drying or cooling
– Fast cooling locks in the flavor and restores the machine ready for an identical roast

For a full list of all available engagements, stretch goals, extra media and detailed coffee roasting specs, head to the official Kaffelogic Nano 7e crowdfunding campaign page by clicking the link below.

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