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Audio “ Buds ”Instead of ears to your glasses? Why haven’t I seen it before? I have yet to find my headset, wireless or otherwise, which I find really comfortable and which stays with me as I walk every day. And the over-the-ear headphones are too many. A few years ago I was excited about the launch of the Aftershokz headphones, which go up in or around the neck, but I noticed the noises in my head seemed to make me tingle.


JBuds Frames – small bluetooth

So my attention was drawn to JBuds Frames – tiny bluetooth speakers with microphones that clip onto the glass frame instead of attaching to your ears. I wear glasses everywhere these days, although I often turn to sunglasses for this trip. JLab’s press release notes that the speakers come with a range of silicone sleeves to fit a variety of glass bezels.


A spokesperson I questioned said they weigh 11.7g each, they are light enough not to drastically affect the feel or health of my lenses. The company provides a two-hour rate for eight hours of playback and 100 hours of standby time. So are the water resistant JBuds frames. JLabs says the frames start shipping at around $ 50, for customers in the spring. I’m excited to try them and I’m sure when I do I won’t be disappointed.

Featured audio

  • Bluetooth

    8+ hours of playback

  • Symbol C3

    Incredible sound with C3 (Crystal Clear Clarify) technology + 16mm driver

  • control

    Controls for play / pause, volume, tracks and voice assist functionality

  • Phone

    Dual Connect to use JBuds Frames together or individually, with MEMS microphone in each earphone

  • person

    Magnetic charging cable

  • cloud

    Two clips ensure a snug fit to all frame rods with two sets of silicone sleeves included


    The open speaker has powerful 16mm drivers that create the perfect sound for you. The innovative design is designed for your ears without disturbing the people around you, understanding your environment. Enjoy more than 8 hours of audio playback, calls or podcasts.

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