PIX backpack with programmable screen

  • ✔DURABILITY. The PIX programmable screen backpack is made of flexible, water-repellent material. You can fold it, walk under humid weather, and the animation cannot be distorted. 1-12 Months Warranty: Get an instant alternative in case it breaks or stops working.
  • Zip closure
  • ✔ HOW IT WORKS: Connect within the electric financial institution, match it backpack Pix to your phone and show pictures, animations, widgets or even video games suitable for your Pix backpack. It works with any current electricity financial institution that has an output of 2A. The financial institution for electricity is not always included.
  • ✔ STORE ALL YOUR STUFF. A backpack that fits a 15-inch laptop. The extension of 27L and the provision of 10 specific cabins make it a capacious backpack and becomes a travel, college or faculty backpack that proves useful in everyday life.
  • ✔ IMPORTANT FEATURES. The choice of display of 16x20px allows you to get 16. five million color variations, so you can draw anything you want.
  • ✔ SAFETY. Stay visible on the roads, hills and all night. The bright LED display will highlight your message and really keep you seen in crowded places.
Meet the Pix backpack

A smart PIX backpack with programmable screen designed to beautify your day with just a few lights than the Pix backpack. It’s a great urban and pc backpack for women and men that allows you to customize its layout while on the go. From the moment you grab your Pix backpack, you emerge as a geek, artist, raver, or all together. When you connect inside the financial institution of strength to the LED Pix backpack, it lights up and positions itself on a pixel display for you.

Then, with a few swipes of your fingertips in your mobile device, you can pair your phone to the Pix backpack backpack and display photos, animations, widgets or even video games. If you are looking for a sensible birthday gift or cool gadgets for all people who go to college, university or work, this Pix backpack is an ideal option.


PIX backpack unlocked with programmable screen app allows you to show photos and animations from the market or draw your own personal photos and animations in your LED Pix backpack.


Turn your 15 inch laptop backpack into your ordinary assistant and show cool devices: clock, stopwatch, timer or request a flashlight in night settings.


What makes Pix a trendy device is a limit to the potential for playing old faculty video games in your PC backpack. This smart backpack turns old-fashioned video games into a laugh-out experience.

Practical backpack

The durable layout of the Pix backpack makes it a stunning shape for all people on the go. Pix is ​​a great backpack for university or faculty to be able to preserve your lively lifestyle.

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